Mets player who just signed a $75 million contract showed up to spring training in a flashy, $65,500, three-wheeled bike

NL Offseason Moves in 30 Seconds
NL Offseason Moves in 30 Seconds

The New York Mets made the surprising move, re-signing Yoenis Cespedes to a three-year, $75 million contract late in the offseason.

Cespedes reportedly had higher offers around MLB, but chose to take less to remain with the Mets. However, it seems Cespedes' pay cut hasn't affected his automotive choices.

On the third day of spring training, Cespedes rolled up in a flashy, Polaris SL, a three-wheeled bike. According to Wall Street Journal's Andrew Beaton, the bike starts at $25,499, and Cespedes had $40,000 of custom work done to the bike that made the price tag closer to $65,500.

Beaton caught video of Cespedes pulling into the Mets' parking lot:

Cespedes let some Mets staff test out his new three-wheel Avorza.

— Andrew Beaton (@andrewlbeaton) February 23, 2016

According to Beaton, the vehicle has Cespedes' number 52 painted on the front, it has a nine-inch screen with GPS and Bluetooth on the dashboard, and LED lights that change color all over the car. The suspension also allowed Cespedes to ride anywhere from a quarter-inch to six inches off the ground.

Beaton with a closer look at the ride:

As's Anthony DiComo noted, the flashy ride overshadowed Matt Harvey's Maserati parked directly next to it.

Beaton reports that Alex Vega of The Auto Firm, who did the custom work on the Polaris, also did $80,000 worth of custom work on Cespedes' $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador and $30,000 of custom work on Cespedes' Ford F250.

With a new contract in hand, it seems Cespedes is making a point to arrive in style to Mets' games this year.

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