Keaton Row unveils two new services, and they'll change your wardrobe for the better

Two more reasons to love Keaton Row
Keaton Row is the styling service that makes you feel like a socialite who has a personal stylist on call, and it just got even better. (They call themselves your confidant and partner in style -- and that's exactly what they are.)

Honestly, we already preferred them to other styling services because they focus so heavily on personal relationships, but you'll be even more confident in their work when you see the two newest services. Launching today, Keaton Row clients can try the Capsule Edit or the Wardrobe Edit.

The virtual Capsule Edit is a "90-minute, one-on-one virtual styling session with your stylist conducted via Skype, Google Hangouts, or Facetime," and is perfect for anyone -- anywhere! -- who wants to step up their style. Invite your stylist virtually into your home and show them around while you talk face-to-face about your needs and wants for your wardrobe.

The Wardrobe Edit, which is available for anyone in the New York City area, makes your Keaton Row experience that much more personal by "bringing you and your stylist together for a three-hour, in-person styling session." While it's a little more expensive than the Capsule Edit, if you live in NYC you can invite your stylist over to literally revamp your closet.

There's nothing quite like having someone sit with you and give you pointers, outfit recommendations, and explain how one new piece can be worn with this jacket or those jeans, for a totally new look. This isn't just a list of recommendations based on boxes you check online. This is someone who knows your style inside and out, and will take your look to the next level.

We know we're on board.

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