Family seeks treatment for boy turning to 'stone'

Family Seeks Treatment For Boy Turning To 'Stone'

Three years ago, a boy in Colorado was diagnosed with stiff-skin syndrome, an incredibly rare condition that causes hardening of the tissue.

The effect is often described as turning to stone.

Though young Jaiden Rogers has been receiving treatments since, his health has declined.

He now has significant mobility issues and relies on an oxygen tube to breathe.

Jaiden's family started a fundraiser some time ago to help with both healthcare expenses and necessary accommodations, including making their home easier for Jaiden to navigate.

However, their greatest desire is to find a way to combat the disorder.

Chemotherapy appears to have been successful in slowing the pace of the spread, but has significantly weakened the boy's immune system.

Natalie Rogers, Jaiden's mother, told ABC News, "Literally, it's turning him to stone; he'll be entombed in himself if we can't find something."

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