Donald Trump compares Ted Cruz to a 'soft, weak, little baby'

Trump Targets Cruz
Trump Targets Cruz

Hours before caucus sites opened in Nevada, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump went on another extended riff about his GOP primary rival, Ted Cruz, during a rally.

Trump called Cruz, the Texas senator, a "soft, weak, little baby" and repeated his accusations that Cruz is a "liar."

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After talking about how his wife preferred that he not run for president because of the crazy nature of the campaign trail, Trump said: "You meet some bad people."

He then launched into yet another attack on Cruz.

"This guy Ted Cruz is the single biggest liar I have ever dealt with in my life," Trump said. "I mean it. ... He will lie about anything."


He then cast Cruz as weak.

"I've met much tougher people than Ted Cruz," Trump said. "He's like a baby. ... He's like a little baby. Soft, weak, little baby by comparison. But for lying, he's the best I've ever seen," Trump said.

After a brief respite, Trump returned to ripping Cruz.

"A guy like Ted Cruz, he has no clue. He never employed anybody. He's a nasty, nasty guy. He's a liar. And he never employed anybody. That's a bad combination, right?" Trump asked.

See what happened when the lights went out at a Trump rally:

He then predicted that he would beat the Texas senator in his home state of Texas, which votes March 1.

"I'd like to really win in Texas," he said. "I think now that he's exposed himself as a nasty person who lies a lot, I think he's going to go way, way down in Texas," he added.

Trump also touted the fact that Cruz finished in third place in last weekend's South Carolina primary.

"He's a bad guy. He came in third place. You know what a great honor it is to knock off bad people? I love doing that," Trump said of Cruz.

Trump has been tearing into Cruz for weeks. At a Las Vegas rally Monday night, Trump called Cruz "sick" and said there was "something wrong with this guy."

Negative ads the Cruz campaign has run against Trump seem to be the most recent source of Trump's ire toward his rival.

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"He's got an ad, something to do with I want to take away your land and I want to keep it in the federal government," Trump said Monday night. "I don't even know what the hell they're talking about."

Trump was referring to a recent Cruz ad that said Trump wanted "to keep big government in charge" of the wide swath of Nevada territory controlled by the federal government. In contrast, Cruz vowed to do everything he could to get government out of the picture.

For his part, Cruz has been on the warpath against both Trump and Marco Rubio, the senator from Florida.

"Their response, whenever you point to anything in their record, is just to yell, 'Liar, liar, liar,' and to get very personal and to make direct character attacks," Cruz said on "Meet the Press" last weekend.

Trump's and Cruz's feud goes back to Iowa, a state Cruz won. Days after the Republican caucuses there earlier this month, Trump accused Cruz of "stealing" his victory and suggested that the results should be "nullified." Cruz won the Iowa caucuses in something of an upset over Trump, who had been leading polls for weeks before the voting started.

Colin Campbell contributed to this report.

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