Cops post hilarious 'lost and found' ad for a beverage cup full of heroin found in Massachusetts

Someone Found A Beverage Cup Full Of Heroin In Massachusetts
Someone Found A Beverage Cup Full Of Heroin In Massachusetts

Clearly, the Chicopee Police Department is not without a sense of humor.

After a passerby found a literal soft drink cup full of heroin on a Massachusetts sidewalk, they posted a tongue in cheek 'Lost and Found' notice of their Facebook page, innocently asking that the owner of the cup contact their detectives to "claim ownership."

LOST AND FOUNDIf you happen to be the owner of this cup full of Heroin bundles, you can contact our detectives to...

Posted by Chicopee Police Department on Sunday, February 21, 2016

All jokes aside, the police department continued its message, making it very clear that this issue was actually no laughing matter:

Seriously though folks, this is an extremely dangerous find for our officers today. Thankfully this did not fall into the hands of some innocent kids happening upon it. This is why we always encourage you to report things you see so it can be checked on.

Lesson learned: From now on, if we see something, we'll say something ... no matter how ridiculous that something may be.

Related: The Chicopee Police Department isn't the only agency making viral jokes.The Philadelphia PD just offered Kanye West a great way to get out of his debt:

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Philly Police Offers Kanye West a Job

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