Lady Gaga says her 'whole career' is a tribute to David Bowie

Lady Gaga Credits Her Career Success To David Bowie
Lady Gaga Credits Her Career Success To David Bowie

After her tribute to David Bowie, Lady Gaga shared the massive impact that the late rock icon had on her career and choices in an interview with NPR.

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"Well, the moment that I saw the Aladdin Sane cover for the first time, I was 19 years old, and it just changed my perspective on everything, forever," Gaga said of her introduction to Bowie. "It was an image that changed my life. I remember I took the vinyl record out of the casing and I put it on my vinyl player -- which was on my stovetop in my kitchen, because I was living in this really tiny apartment and I had my turntable on my stove. 'Watch That Man' came on and, I mean, that was just the beginning of my artistic birth."

"I feel like my whole career is a tribute to David Bowie," she continues.

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Gaga finds Bowie's presence inescapable, especially in his final album. "I've been watching his videos all day long, and also listening to Blackstar, his last album, which is a truly incredible piece of music," she tells. "It's one of the single greatest things an artist has ever done: making a masterpiece album that is their own eulogy. Can you imagine? To go into the studio every day and put your heart in that place, where you are saying goodbye to life? I mean, his art made him strong."

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