5 easy ways to add some glam to your bathroom

By: Better Decorating Bible

Turn your bathroom from basic to luxurious with some of our 5 must-have bathroom additions.

Stuck with a boring, outdated bathroom that still has builders' tiles and a pressed wood vanity? I was guilty of this for a long time; until I realized renovating your bathroom isn't that pricey if you know EXACTLY what to change. With a few simple swaps you can flip your bathroom and turn it into a glamorous retreat you will enjoy over and over again. From swapping your hardware to changing your shower curtain, you'll be surprised at what a few basic touches can do for your overall look. Here are some 5 easy ways to get that high-glam look quickly and cheaply!

Hang a Small Chandelier
Changing the lighting in your bathroom makes a world of a difference! Small chandeliers aren't even expensive; Ikea carries some amazing mini-chandeliers that are perfect for small spaces like your bathroom. Not to mention, the reflective effect a chandelier has on your bathroom is priceless. Chandeliers light up all the dark corners making your bathroom look even bigger than it really is!

Hang You Curtains Higher
Most bathrooms are stuck with small windows that look cheap and close up your space. No worries, you can transform your windows without ever having to touch the architectural aspects of your home! All you need to do is hang your curtain rods a foot higher than your actual window and keep the curtains long. This way your window will look taller, bigger, and much more luxurious.

Add a Shower Bench
You usually see this in model homes: large showers with huge glass doors and beautiful benches inside the shower. If your shower currently doesn't have this you can actually build it yourself! With a few wood working skills, installing some matching tiles, and smothering with grout, you can spice up the price of your home for having a luxury add-on such as this. Stuck with a bathtub and no shower? Consider a safe step walk in tub which is a unique installation that makes showering easier, and a lot more enjoyable!

Swap Your Cheap Hardware
Cheap, rusty, and foggy hardware makes your bathroom plummet into the cheap-zone. Tear out this hardware and throw it out for good! Install gorgeous brass faucets, shower heads, vanity drawer pulls, and towel rods to make your space look oh-so luxurious! You'll feel like you're at the Ritz!

Small Tiles are Chic
Lately, designers are leaning more towards larger, longer, and wider tiles. We think opposite when it comes to bathroom-glam. Small tiles look chic and elegant when mixed in with small metallic tiles used as accents. Paired with a brush brass faucet and shower head, we think this look is as glam as it gets.

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