NASA creates comic book to appeal to children

NASA Creates Comic Book to Appeal to Children
NASA Creates Comic Book to Appeal to Children

NASA recently released a comic book designed to make science and space more appealing to younger generations.

The comic book is based around the Global Precipitation Mission or GPM.

GPM, a collaboration between NASA and the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency estimates for rain and snow on a three hour basis using advanced instruments and satellites.

GPM created and released a Japanese style manga comic book featuring characters designed by the general public.

A competition was launched back in 2013 to find a set of characters for the story.

The winning characters ended up being "GPM" by Yuki Kiriga of Tokyo and "Mizu-chan" by Sabrynne Buchholz of Hudson, Colorado.

One of the key figures behind the competition was Dorian Janney, an education and communication specialist for GPM.

Janney was aware of how hard it was to get younger children into science and space, she noticed during her teaching classes that many of the kids - particularly the girls - drew anime characters and the idea developed from there.

Once the characters were selected, a plot was created and designed as well.

NASA released a video teaser for the comic book on January 27, 2016, the comic book was made available for the public not long afterwards and has already had a great deal of positive feedback from schools across the United States.

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