Latina activist: Sanders supporters shouted 'english only' at me

Sanders: 'We Have Momentum' Despite Nevada Loss
Sanders: 'We Have Momentum' Despite Nevada Loss

Civil rights leader and Hillary Clinton supporter Dolores Huerta says she was met with cries of "English only!" after she offered translation services at a casino caucus site in Nevada on Saturday.

"What happened is the person who was running the caucus said we need a translator and he said the first person that comes to the stage can be the translator, so I walked up to the front and then some of the organizers, the Bernie organizers, decided to shout 'no, no, no,'" she told CNN. "Then a Bernie person stood up and said, I can also do translation. So then the person running the caucus said we won't have a translator... then some of the organizers were shouting 'English only, English only.' This is bad."

When asked by ThinkProgress how she knew that the chants came from Sanders supporters, Huerta said the caucus process made it "really clear." "The room was divided with the Hillary people on one side and the Bernie people on the other," she said. "It was really unfortunate, because there were many Spanish-speaking voters, the casino workers. We wanted to make it more comfortable for them, so they could know what was going on." Actress America Ferrera, a fellow Hillary supporter, also tweeted about the incident.

Shortly after news broke of the incident, "Dolores Huerta" began trending on Twitter. Many users expressed their sympathy with the civil rights leader.

However, some Twitter users have called Huerta's account into question due to a video that has been circulating allegedly taken at the event:

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