Edward Snowden will return to US if guaranteed 'fair trial'

Edward Snowden Says He'll Return to the US If Promised a Fair Trial
Edward Snowden Says He'll Return to the US If Promised a Fair Trial

Edward Snowden said he has informed government officials that he will return to the U.S. if guaranteed a fair trial.

The former intelligence analyst who leaked reams of classified NSA documents in 2013 told the New Hampshire Liberty Forum via a Google Hangout on Saturday night that, "I've told the government I would return if they would guarantee a fair trial where I can make a public interest defense of why this was done and allow a jury to decide."

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The forum, a presentation of the Free State Project, which is a movement to relocate 20,000 like-minded Americans to New Hampshire in pursuit of a libertarian state, invited Snowden to speak as part of its four-day summit. The former CIA analyst and NSA contractor addressed attendees from Russia, where he's been exiled since 2013.

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According to WMUR, media were not invited to record the 45-minute session.

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The disclosure comes a day after the announcement that release date for the big-screen biopic of Snowden's story starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt has again been postponed. "Snowden," Oliver Stone's adaptation of two books based on its namesake, has been pushed back from May 13 to September 16.

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