Dog hospitalized after meat laced with antifreeze, rat poison thrown over fence

Puppy Hospitalized After Meat Laced With Rat Poison Thrown Over Fence
DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. -- Hooked up to an IV and unable to walk, Gordy the pit bull needs around the clock care.

Gordy was playing in the back yard when the unthinkable happened Tuesday.

His owner, too distraught to talk on camera, told WREG on Tuesday, someone chucked a piece of meat over her fence in Horn Lake.

Inside the meat was antifreeze and rat poison.

It was sewn into meat.

"I just really can't comprehend it that somebody would do that. I don't really understand the mind of somebody that would do that," said Doctor Brandy Ellus with Elmore Road Veterinary Clinic in Southaven.

Ellis has been working with Gordy since it happened.

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Dog intentionally poisoned
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Dog hospitalized after meat laced with antifreeze, rat poison thrown over fence
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She hooked him up to an ethanol drip to stop the poison from getting to his kidneys.

"Just amazed that pure evil someone would go through to harm an animal," said Ellis.

Gordy has improved.

"He's doing very well but he's not out of the woods yet," she said.

Police have been investigating and trying to find out who could do something so cruel.

They said the culprit will face an animal cruelty poison charge, which is a misdemeanor in Mississippi.

Pet owners said they were torn up about the whole thing.

"I was just kind of heartbroken for her. Because I know what she's going through," said Bessie Pearson.

Pearson said a neighbor poisoned her pit bull with antifreeze a few years back, and she hopes Gordy pulls through.

"I definitely keep her in my prayers. It's just going to be a long road for her," she said.

The Elmore Road Vet Clinic said several people have called willing to help Gordy with his pet bills.

If you have any information, call Horn Lake Police.

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