Tiny home on wheels: Woman builds camper van from scratch

Woman Builds Camper Van From Scratch
Woman Builds Camper Van From Scratch

While 'tiny houses' have become all the rage, one woman decided to up the ante, converting her small camper vehicle into a fully functioning home -- bringing a whole new meaning to 'rooms to go.'

Taking a little over two-and-a-half years to complete the project, Chris On turned her average 2004 Chevy Express passenger van into a mobile residence, complete with plumbing, solar panels, electricity, and even a projector. The best part? She had no prior experience in construction whatsoever, using only her research and handy skills to assemble the van from scratch.

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According to her website, Chris states that her favorite features of her new home include a projection screen, under-floor storage, a sink doubles as a shower, a mirror, (7) 12 volt outlets, a full-size bed coverts to a full-size chaise, and a solar electric system can power a toaster, blender, microwave, and induction cooktop.

See video from the camper van conversion below:

In addition to creating the home from scratch, she also decided to document the extensive process, putting together a time-lapse video that shows the progression of the vans interior every step of the way. By the completion of the five minute video, it's hard to believe that the decked-out camper at the end of the video was once the bare-boned vehicle shown at the beginning.

To help others who are thinking about jumping on the band wagon, Chris has put together a free guide, 'The Van Dweller's Dilemma: Choosing the Perfect Van,' available only on her website.

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