The beautiful reason we wear our wedding rings on the fourth finger

The beautiful reason we wear our wedding rings on the fourth finger

Getting married can be one of the most magical and amazing experiences in a person's life.

Nowadays, most weddings are extremely modern — but each engagement and wedding is bound to involve a certain degree of tradition, even if that includes a personal twist — like this mother-son dance where the son lifted his mother from her wheelchair.

One tradition that is almost universally followed is the placing of the wedding rings on the fourth finger. But why do we do this?

While the exchanging of rings is a heartwarming and sacred part of any ceremony, I've never known the reason behind the finger choice — until now!

This exclusive video takes a look at one incredible theory as to why we wear wedding rings on the fourth finger. This theory comes from Chinese tradition, and is rooted in a belief that the marriage bond is the strongest and most important bond of all.

And whether or not you believe that this is the true reason, you will be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful reason!

Watch the video below and follow the instructions. After a few simple hand movements, you may just have a new understanding — and appreciation — for the beauty and enduring strength of marriage.

What do you think of this amazing theory? Let us know in the comments.

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