Talented surfer catches 7 barrels in 1 wave resulting in epic run

Talented Surfer Rides Seven Barrels in One Wave
Talented Surfer Rides Seven Barrels in One Wave

Talk about making a splash.

This week, a feat of nature caused a single swell to form from two cyclones in the Coral Sea. The resulting waves proved to be an ideal setup for water sports fanatics, bringing out some of the world's best surfers to Snapper Rocks, Australia for the occasion. Of those to take advantage of the picturesque swell was surfer Mitch Parkinson, who charged the big surf on February 15th in search of the perfect wave.

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It appears as though his search wasn't in vain, as the video above shows Parkinson taking off on the wave before proceeding to get barreled an impressive seven times on a single ride. Recorded by Outer Path Films, the clip shows the Aussie ducking in and out of the mouth of the wave, only to remerge victorious time after time. Just when you think he's going to disappear into the whitewash, Parkinson proves he's in it to win it.

In between getting 'tubed,' Parkinson can also be seen trying to avoid others in the water -- a feat which he narrowly achieves. Onlookers can be seen cheering from the water, rooting on their fellow waterman until he reaches the end of his run.

Photo of the Day: Mitch Parkinson, Off The Wall. Photo: Ellis

Posted by Surfer on Thursday, February 18, 2016

While it's normal for a professional surfer to get in a barrel or two on a ride, this breathtaking display is far from standard.

The clip, which documents the whole minute-long ride, has gone viral since hitting the web this week - meaning it doesn't look like Parkinson's epic run will be forgotten any time soon.

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