Steve Novak tweets hilarious picture of son after being traded again (Photo)

NBA Trade Deadline Grade: Oklahoma City Thunder
NBA Trade Deadline Grade: Oklahoma City Thunder

The name Steve Novak has been synonymous with the word trade over recent years and on Thursday, Novak was once again part of a trade at the deadline. Novak was filler in a deal between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Denver Nuggets.

Rather than getting upset about getting traded again and bouncing around the league, Novak decided to show off his sense of humor on Twitter. Novak shared a photo of his son playing basketball on a mini-hoop while wearing gear of all the teams that he played for.

The good news is that Novak's son won't have to invest in any Nuggets gear, as the team is expected to buy him out so he can try and join a contender for the stretch run to the playoffs.

There's been plenty of instances where a player gets to a point in their career where they become salary filler and get traded repeatedly. This has led to some guys retiring and calling it a career, but Novak is taking the optimistic approach to things and his picture was hilarious.