Rubio slammed for canceling on Conservative Convention

Rubio's Absence From Conservative Event Paints Target on His Back
Rubio's Absence From Conservative Event Paints Target on His Back

Critics are calling out Marco Rubio for skipping the Conservative Convention two days ahead of the South Carolina Republican primary.

"Marco Rubio, can you raise your hand? He was supposed to be here. Probably went to McDonald's," said Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin.


Rubio had agreed to attend the event hosted by the Conservative Review, but ended up bailing at the last minute.

Members of Ted Cruz's campaign jumped on Rubio's absence. One spokesman said, "This is a final admission that Marco Rubio isn't even going to try to compete for the votes of conservatives in South Carolina or anywhere else."

Check out Twitter reactions from the event:

The Rubio campaign said a scheduling issue was the reason he wasn't able to make it. He reportedly tried to have someone else speak on his behalf, but the event's organizers said no.

BuzzFeed noted that most of the event's attendees appeared to be Cruz supporters with a smaller portion favoring Ben Carson. Cruz and Carson were the only two candidates at the event, and some speculated that might've been the reason behind Rubio's absence.

The criticism from Cruz's campaign came a day before his team admitted to doctoring an image to look like Marco Rubio shaking hands with President Obama.

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