Robert F. Kennedy assassination survivor calls for new investigation into second shooter

RFK Assassination Survivor Calls for New Investigation Into Second Shooter

A survivor of the Robert F. Kennedy assassination was calling Thursday for a new investigation into the 1968 shooting, based on what he called evidence of a second gunman.

Family friend and adviser Paul Schrade was standing next to Kennedy when the senator was fatally shot at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles and was also wounded in the shooting.

The 91-year-old Schrade told a parole board last week that convicted gunman Sirhan Sirhan wounded him and four others that night but not Kennedy.

According to Schrade, a second gunman inside the hotel's kitchen pantry was responsible for the four bullets that hit Kennedy.

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Robert F. Kennedy assassination survivor calls for new investigation into second shooter

The results of an analysis by the FBI of the only known audio of the shooting, known as the Pruszynski recording, were determined to be inconclusive.

However, Schrade contends that forensic audio experts have confirmed that the recording clearly indicates that 13 shots were fired from two guns.

Schrade also claimed to have uncovered documents that show serious misconduct by the LAPD and the District Attorney during the initial investigation in 1968.

Schrade was calling on L.A. County DA Jackie Lacey and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck to open a new investigation.

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