Remember Shaquille O'Neal's music career? Here are some of his biggest hits

Shaq Swears Off Rap For Life
Shaq Swears Off Rap For Life

Shaquille O'Neal is one of the best NBA players to ever live. Since retiring in 2011, he's become one of the more prominent faces on television, serving as an analyst for Inside The NBA on TNT.

But his current T.V. gig isn't the first time he's dabbled in the entertainment business.

In the glorious 1990s, Shaq wasn't just a baller -- or a movie star -- but also a rapper. Dropping four different between 1993 and 1998, O'Neal took his music career very seriously -- even calling on big rap names like RZA, Method Man and Phife Dawg to join him on some songs.

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Take a listen below to some of his biggest hits!

According to iTunes, his most popular hit of the 1990s was "(I Know I Got) Skillz":

"What's Up Doc? (Can We Rock?)" was another one of The Diesel's popular tracks from his early playing days.

A third hit, with the very accurately titled, "I'm Outstanding," also blasted through boomboxes back in the day.

What was Shaq's best work off the court? Was it any of these hits? A different song? His work in "Kazaam," or another movie?

Let us know in the comments!

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