People are leaving applesauce and broccoli at Antonin Scalia's memorial — here's why

How Antonin Scalia Changed America
How Antonin Scalia Changed America

Applesauce and broccoli were left on the steps of the Supreme Court on Friday in what was a makeshift memorial for a few of Justice Antonin Scalia's more memorable contributions to the Obamacare debate.

"It's pure applesauce," Scalia said of the court's reasoning in last year's King v. Burwell case regarding Obamacare subsidies, which were upheld by the court in a 6-3 decision.

And in the first Supreme Court case ever involving Obama's landmark health law, Scalia questioned whether the government could force people to buy broccoli.

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"Could you define the market -- everybody has to buy food sooner or later, so you define the market as food, therefore, everybody is in the market; therefore, you can make people buy broccoli," he said.

Scalia died at a Texas ranch last weekend at the age of 79. His casket arrived at the Supreme Court on Friday ahead of his funeral on Saturday morning.

See images of the makeshift memorial:

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