12 confessions from atheists that might actually surprise you

Although nearly 90% of Americans identify as one religion or another, a small percentage of US citizens consider themselves atheists. And while freedom of religion (or lack thereof) is one of our constitutional rights, atheism faces a lot of backlash for its lack of belief in a god. However, whatever opinions you might have about atheists might get slightly rattled after reading what they have to say.

Several atheists took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to share surprising confessions about atheism.

1. If you wouldn't judge someone for having a particular religion, you shouldn't judge someone for not having one

I feel my value as a person is instantly lowered the second people discover I

2. Just because you don't believe in god doesn't mean you don't want to spread your ideas on religion


3. It's not always easy to not have a system of faith to turn to during trying times


4. Atheism may represent personal freedom, as well as religious freedom, in certain cases

"Coming out" as an atheist to myself and my family has been the most liberating feeling I have ever experienced.

5. Being spiritual and faithful doesn't have to be a religious experience


6. Without the pressure to believe, religious literature might bode more interesting for non-believers

As an atheist, I actually read the bible I lot more now than when I was a believer.

7. Being areligious might also mean you don't believe in an afterlife

I am secretly very jealous of those with religion, as being an atheist leaves me with an end to my page of life.

8. Just because you don't believe in a religion doesn't mean you don't respect loved ones who do


9. The backstories of religions are riddled with rich historical facts


Telling an atheist that he or she will find god might seem slightly ironic

I hate when people tell me "don

10. Someone being an atheist doesn't mean that he or she is uneducated about religion

You want to tell me about religion because I

11. Not all good deeds are driven by a dedication to religion


12. Atheism doesn't necessarily imply a lack of religious curiosity

As an atheist I think it

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Atheism might be more popular than you think:

Why Is Atheism More Popular Than Ever?
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