The man flu

Science Explains Why Men Can Be 'Drama Kings' When They Have The Flu

(WNEP) -- Some people might agree men are bigger babies than women when they're sick. It all ties into something called "The Man Flu" which affects men.

Symptoms include: "excessive groaning, complaining, and moaning." But now there is some new science that might explain why men can be such "drama kings" when they're under the weather. Newswatch 16 looked into this new study with help from students and staff at The Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton.

As it turns out, researchers at Johns Hopkins University found out "The Man Flu" symptoms may boil down to our different hormones.

The study showed that estrogen has a protective effect against the flu virus which means women are less likely to develop the severe symptoms associated with the flu compared to men. To read the entire study,click here!

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