Remember the young boy from Robin Williams' 'Jumanji'? You would never recognize him today!

'Jumanji' Remake Gets a Release Date from Sony
'Jumanji' Remake Gets a Release Date from Sony

There really isn't any other way to put -- everyone loves "Jumanji."

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As we all know, "Jumanji," starring Bonnie Hunt and Robin Williams, was a film about what happens when you start playing a magical board game in which Robin's character has been trapped in for years. Of course, crazy happenings throughout the film, (like stampede of elephants, or giant spiders) can only be stopped once the game has been finished.

We all remember Kirsten Dunst's amazing performance as Judy Shepherd. Kirsten's career has catapulted since then, with cult movies like "Bring It On," and most recently, starring in the FX show, "Fargo." However, anyone remember her brother, Peter?

Peter Shepherd, played by Bradley Pierce, used to look like this, if you remember:

And then, he turned into a monkey after an incorrect dice roll, and looked like this:

Luckily for him, Bradley PIerce no longer looks like a monkey. He does however look like a full grown man!

According to his IMDB page, the Arizona native has stayed quite busy since "Jumanji." Since then, he has voiced a character in "The Wild Thornberrys," starred in movies like "Up in Smoke," and most recently, has joined the cast of "Deacon," for which he plays Lt. Linus Carter.

Bradley Pierce - Getty
Bradley Pierce - Getty

It's also great to see that he still sticks true to his roots!

Also, hilarious random fact, but before he starred in "Jumanji," Pierce also voiced the character of Chip in "Beauty and the Beast." Check out his hilarious Instagram post below!

Wherever Pierce's career takes him, we will always remember him for all of that facial hair he had to wear as a monkey in "Jumanji."

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