Petition for Deadpool to host 'SNL' nears 30,000 signatures

There's A Petition To Have Deadpool Host SNL
There's A Petition To Have Deadpool Host SNL

Live from New York, it's ... Deadpool?

As if staggering box office wasn't proof positive that the country is obsessed with Ryan Reynolds' potty-mouthed superhero, a petition has almost 30,000 signatures pleading with "Saturday Night Live" to hire the character as host.

"How would this not be hilarious having Deadpool in sketches, breaking the 4th wall, and inserting some of his brand of humor (obviously toned down a bit for network television)!?" asks the petition, which is addressed to "SNL" honcho Lorne Michaels.

Iconic "SNL" moments:

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The petition also creates as a space for Deadpool to do some "interpretive dancing while the musical guest was playing." We can see it; he knows the lyrics to Salt N' Peppa's "Shoop."

"SNL" did not immediately return TheWrap's request for comment on the petition. While many actors have spoofed their big screen altar egos on the 40-year-old comedy institution, a star has never hosted an entire broadcast in character.

Reynolds previously hosted the show in 2009.

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Earning a stunning $135 million in its first three days of release, Fox's "Deadpool" was the best debut ever for an R-rated movie, and the best President's Day and February debut as well. It co-stars Moren Baccarin, T.J. Miller and Ed Skrein.

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