Markieff Morris falls off hoverboard riding out of Phoenix after trade (Video)

Teams and Players to Watch Before the NBA Trade Deadline
Teams and Players to Watch Before the NBA Trade Deadline

The Phoenix Suns seemed to have been poised to trade maligned forward Markieff Morris since before the regular season ever began. While it seemed like they might be asking for too much, the Suns got a deal done to send Morris to the Washington Wizards. This left Morris to pack up his things and head out of the Suns facilities on Thursday, riding off into the sunset on his hoverboard. If only it had gone that smoothly for him.

As Morris and a compatriot were heading out of the facilities in Phoenix, Morris' hoverboard hit a bump and sent the new Wizards forward falling off of it and stumbling forward in a hilariously poetic representation of his time with the Suns:

#Suns trade Markieff Morris to #Wizards. Morris spoke the on way out. More tonight on @3TVSports &

— MarkMcClune (@MarkMcClune) February 18, 2016

Not that anyone in Phoenix is crying any sort of tears for him, but what a terrible way to go out (quite literally) with the Suns. Of course, this comes about a week after Morris pushed his own teammate into the bench by the throat during a game, so maybe falling off his hoverboard really isn't the worst look for Morris.

Regardless, Markieff Morris is now back on his mode of transportation and heading to the nation's capital—and the Suns are better for it with a first-round pick and the last image of Morris falling off his hoverboard to keep them going.