Girl, 8, was diagnosed with breast cancer after hoping lump would go away

8-Year-Old Girl Is Breast Cancer Free After Having Double Mastectomy
8-Year-Old Girl Is Breast Cancer Free After Having Double Mastectomy

For months, eight-year-old Chrissy Turner went to bed each night hoping the strange lump in her chest would just go away.

The little girl was terrified to tell her parents, but finally, white-faced with fear, she managed to gather enough courage to confide in her mother.

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Her parents immediately took her to the doctor. A biopsy taken at Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City showed she had a rare form of breast cancer.

"My little girl was not supposed to have cancer," her father, Troy, told INSIDE EDITION.

His daughter agonized over losing her hair and feeling sick from radiation treatments.

But the treatment included more radical measures.

Chrissy would have to undergo a double mastectomy, doctors said.

"Our eight-year-old daughter going in for a mastectomy ... you can't wrap your head around it," said her mother, Annette. "It's surreal."

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As she was wheeled into surgery, the child asked: "Am I going to live through this? Is everything going to be OK?"

As it turned out, everything is fine.

Surgeons found no trace of cancer in the lymph nodes under her arm.

"Our faith has increased even more so," said her dad. "And gives us the hope we need to have that positive outlook on life."

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