Forget the hair of the dog -- Celebs resort to drastic hangover measures

How Celebs Cure Hangovers With IV Infusion Facials
Gatorade, bed rest, fried chicken, tons of water ... and maybe a Bloody Mary or two.

These may be the preferred ways to get over a nasty hangover for most, but leave it to celebs to find an A-list way to get over the morning-after scaries.

E! News investigated the latest treatment sweeping Hollywood: The IV infusion facial.

The Dr. Norman Leaf clinic in Beverly Hills is best known for the treatment that has star looking fresh and dewy on the red carpet after a night of partying and jetsetting. In fact, it's so popular that it's completely booked through awards season!

For $315 a session, a board-certified health professional administers an IV into your arm, which delivers a personalized cocktail of energy-boosting vitamins, while you get a relaxing facial.

"I don't know if it's just because my face feels great—like it just ate up a bunch of vitamins—but it definitely energized me," E! News reporter Erin Lim said.

Watch the video above to learn more about the treatment.

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Forget the hair of the dog -- Celebs resort to drastic hangover measures

For some, coffee is a great way to help ease a hangover. However, some people may find it causes a stomachache.

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As drinking makes you dehydrated, water is a must to help both prevent and remedy a hangover.

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More often than not, a hangover comes with a nasty headache. Ibuprofen can help ease the pain of a headache the next morning. Some even swear that taking one before bed will help significantly.

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"Sweat it out!" Instead of laying around all day basking in your pain, try exercising your hangover away. Endorphins will help to boost your mood at the same time.

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The one sure fire way to avoid a hangover is to go sober for the night. Whether you opt to be the designated drive or not, avoiding alcohol all together is the only way to guarantee no hangover.

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It's undeniable that a greasy breakfast often makes you feel better initially, but most likely the feeling won't last. Just eggs is a better choice than the extra bacon and cheese grease.

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Sports drinks are a great way to rehydrate yourself after a long night of drinking.

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If you find your stomach feeling queasy the next day, try eating crackers or toast to help calm your stomach.

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Don't forget to take your daily vitamins if you're hungover--they will help get your body back on track.

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Like crackers and toast, Alka Seltzer is a great way to calm an upset stomach.

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If you can't bring yourself to exercise, hit the sauna to "sweat it out!"

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When in doubt, roll back over and get some more sleep until the hangover goes away.

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