Adele recorded Ellen DeGeneres an epic new voicemail greeting

Adele 'Cried Pretty Much All Day' After Glitchy Grammy Performance
Adele 'Cried Pretty Much All Day' After Glitchy Grammy Performance

"Hello, it's me. I was wondering if after all these years you'd leave a message at the beep."

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That's the beginning of Ellen DeGeneres' new voicemail greeting, thanks to the modern day legend that is Adele. The singer appeared on "The Ellen Show" on Thursday, just days after her Grammys sound disaster (which she also clarified on the show), and recorded a new voicemail for DeGeneres.

The greeting, obviously based on the lyrics to Adele's hit song "Hello," is as hilarious as it is musically amazing.

"Hello. Can you hear me? I'm in California dreaming about the message that you'll leave," the message continues. "Hello, from Ellen."

So, if you ever find yourself giving Ellen a ring and she doesn't pick up, you won't get confused when you suddenly hear Adele's sultry voice on the other end.

See photos of Adele at the 2016 Grammys:

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