Watch Adele perfectly prank these Jamba Juice employees

Adele 'So Embarrassed' over Grammys Sound Issue
Adele 'So Embarrassed' over Grammys Sound Issue

We may never think of Jamba Juice again without thinking of Adele.

The record-breaking singer appeared on "The Ellen Show" on Thursday and, in addition to recording Ellen's voicemail greeting and addressing that awkward Grammys flub, she also agreed to participate in one of Ellen's classic recurring skits.

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DeGeneres is known for having celebrities walk into public places and say or do whatever she tells them to through an earpiece, and on Thursday, Adele walked into a Jamba Juice at the mercy of the talk show host.

What ensued was a hilariously entertaining 5-minute encounter with unsuspecting Jamba Juice employees, an assistant playing along and clueless witnesses in which Adele empties out her purse, chugs liquor, reaches over the counter to cut wheatgrass with her own scissors and eats said wheatgrass in bunches, among many other things.

If anything, the clip proves (yet again) that Adele is the celebrity Queen of Pranks. It also proves that Jamba Juice employees will do pretty much anything you ask them to do ... if you're Adele.

See photos of Adele from over the years:

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