12 new moms share their struggle with postpartum depression

Having a baby invites an onslaught of powerful emotions -- and while those feelings are often pure joy and gratitude, some women experience anxiety, fear and even depression. With symptoms from excessive crying to thoughts of suicide, postpartum depression can have very serious effects on a woman and her family. And although it might seem peculiar or hard to understand, "postpartum depression isn't a character flaw or weakness. Sometimes it's simply a complication of giving birth."

Several new mothers took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to share their struggle with postpartum depression.

1. An extra stressor to postpartum depression could be the pressure of keeping it together

2. Seeing the joy you're supposed to be experiencing but not being able to might be heartbreaking
Postpartum depression is suffocating me. I can

3. It might be hard for outsiders to understand how you can feel anything but joy after having a baby
I have severe postpartum depression and no one seems to understand. It

4. Just because you're depressed doesn't mean you don't love/want your child
Deep down I know my postpartum depression is getting worse.. but I don

5. The motivation to fight postpartum depression could be the fate of your children
Postpartum depression is rough. I have to stay strong for my babies even though I feel like I

6. The pressure of being a good parent has to be a separate entity from overcoming your depression
Sometimes I feel like a bad mom because of my postpartum depression. Sometimes I just don

7. Love and depression aren't mutually exclusive
I love my five month old son more than anything in this whole world but I still haven

8. Feeling guilty for your symptoms probably doesn't help your depression
Found out today I have postpartum depression. All I want to do is cuddle my baby and say I

9. Even the people closest to you might lose their understanding if the depression is long-term
My son is a year and a half old and I still have severe postpartum depression. I can

10. Your baby needs you, depression or not
Postpartum depression is kicking in. And full force. Not that I don

11. Just because you have postpartum depression that doesn't mean that you're unfit to be a mother
I recently had twins and I have postpartum depression. I

12. Trying times call for love and support, not judgement and blame
I hate that my family judges me for having postpartum depression... It doesn

Want to hear more from new mothers with postpartum depression? Check out Whisper!

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