Woman says jewelry worth $100,000 missing after pest control visit

Woman Says Jewelry Worth Thousands Missing After Pest Control Visit

A California woman is suing a pest control company after she says more than $100,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from her home.

"I'm not a wealthy person, but these are things that over an adult lifetime I accumulated," Donna Wolf says.

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Wolf, a former jeweler, says she hired Major League Pest Control to take care of a termite problem in her house. She told KGTV a couple days after the company came to her home, she discovered the jewelry was missing.

Now Wolf is suing the company for negligent supervising and hiring.

Wolf says an investigator told her one of the company's employees had a fake Social Security number and driver's license. She says she wouldn't have allowed employees in her home if she'd known this before.

The pest control company's website says it conducts background checks on its employees, but Wolf and her attorney don't seem convinced.

Major League Pest Control hasn't commented on the allegations.

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