Wellness Wednesday: Mario Lopez on how he lives a healthy life

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Ralph Lauren Polo tech shirt Mario Lopez
Ralph Lauren Polo tech shirt Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez is a busy guy -- between hosting Extra, making public appearances, acting, modeling and being a father to his two little ones, how does he have time to work out? We know he fits it in somewhere...have you seen his biceps?!

We wanted to know a little bit about how he juggles it all and stays healthy at the same time, so we chatted with him on the phone to find out! Check out our Q&A with the super-fit TV personality below.

How do you like to work out? What is your general healthy-living philosophy?

"I feel I need to break a sweat everyday just to wake up. I train more for sanity than for vanity. I try to keep my muscles guessing, and I like the more physical sports. I box three times weekly, I'm outside a lot hiking or surfing, running, biking, and I have a little home gym, sometimes I'll shoot hoops."

Is there any special diet you follow to accompany your workouts?

"I don't really believe in diets, you've just got to use a little common sense. I try to eat frequently throughout the day and practice a little portion control."

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Do you have any healthy go-to snacks?

"If I'm running around I'll always have a little bag of almonds and a banana, those kind of 'hold-you-over' snacks. And banana is my favorite fruit! It's got its own little wrapper."

Ralph Lauren Polotech shirt Mario Lopez
Ralph Lauren Polotech shirt Mario Lopez

Do you have any specific workout gear your like to wear when you hit the gym?

"Right now I'm excited about this Polotech shirt that Ralph Lauren launched, which is basically like an interactive workout app, and it's like a Fitbit for a shirt. It's kind of cool just to kind of monitor everything it's got going on, and it's very accurate."

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Has your healthy lifestyle changed at all since becoming a dad?

"I keep doing everything that I'm doing, I just incorporate my kids more. I got those jogging strollers, and I live on a hill, so pushing them up a hill is a mean workout. They're very physical, so I just do what I'm doing, just doing more stuff with the kids."

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