Tim Tebow hosts prom night for special needs kids (Photo)

Tim Tebow Foundation Gives Teens a "Night to Shine" at Special Prom
Tim Tebow Foundation Gives Teens a "Night to Shine" at Special Prom

Tim Tebow always watches out for those in need. As a religious man, he looks to do the right thing. While he hasn't been in the NFL for quite some time, the former University of Florida quarterback has done various things for the sport he loves. He has been a college football analyst on the SEC Network, and he makes celebrity appearances wherever he is needed. He doesn't ask for much as long as he can make someone happy. In one weekend, Tim Tebow gave back in a big way.

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During Valentine's Day weekend, the former Heisman winner hosted "Night To Shine,"a prom sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation. The event hosted 32,000 special needs teens across 48 states and eight countries. Tebow even visited some of the places holding the events.

Over 200 proms took place thanks to the generosity of Tim Tebow. It is great to see an athlete, active or not, help out those in need. Who knows if any of the kids would be able to attend their high school prom, due to limitations they may have or the problems they could face. Whatever problems people may have had with Tebow as a quarterback, it is put to the side thanks to an event like this.

An outside the box way to do a good deed is just one of the reasons why Tebow continues to be boasted as a decent human being. It seemed like a good time was had by all and that was the true reasoning for the event. Nobody should be left out, and Tim Tebow went above and beyond to make sure everyone had their shining moment.