Police spray Chelsea fans with tear gas for celebrating (Video)

Chelsea's Ugliest Footballers
Chelsea's Ugliest Footballers

John Obi Mikel's away goal against Paris Saint-Germain was a big moment for Chelsea. Sure they went on to lose the game, but they only trail by a goal and can advance to the next round by winning – at the very least – 1-0 at home. Naturally, it was a cause for celebration for Chelsea fans, and the visiting supporters were in full voice when Mikel scored. But the security guards at the game didn't take kindly to it, with some even spraying tear gas in the visiting section:

Granted, this doesn't come without precedent. Everyone remembers when a group of Chelsea fans pushed a black person off of a train in Paris but the club has since apologized for it and even offered the fan to attend a game at Stamford Bridge. Besides, those were a group of fans – not police officers. If PSG chooses to acknowledge this incident at all, there better be an apology for it because what they did was potentially life-threatening.

That would be the only celebrating that Chelsea fans would do as Mikel's goal was the only one they put past Kevin Trapp. But could you imagine how the police would've reacted if Chelsea had won the game?