OnlyOnAOL: Liv Tyler talks babies, bomber jackets, and 'The Leftovers'

Regina King on "The Leftovers"
Regina King on "The Leftovers"


Yes, that's a very pregnant Liv Tyler, impressive in heels, making the rounds at the packed Belstaff boutique to promote the capsule collection she created for the luxe brand.

"I won't be wearing these for long," she quips.

Tyler is pregnant with her third baby, with fiance David Gardner. Her son, Milo, from her first marriage, is 12, and she gave birth to baby Sailor Gene last winter. She says her relationship with Belstaff came about organically, and she puts in the research. One resource: her girlfriend Stella McCartney, whom she visits in London and watches at work.

Liv Tyler
Liv Tyler

"It's been so fun. They asked me to be the brand ambassador and it was my idea to do the capsule collection. It was something I'd always wanted to do," says Tyler. "I had a produced a film they made with David Beckham and that's how we got to know each other."

She's realistic about her other job, which is an addition to her work in front of the camera on HBO's "The Leftovers."

"It's part of how you make your bread and butter when you're an actor and a model when you get these amazing opportunities to get paid to endorse brands. I've always been hesitant about what brands I endorse because I want to love them and believe in them," says Tyler, who was the face of Givenchy for a decade.

"The Leftovers," co-starring Justin Theroux and Regina King (video above), will return for a third and final season, but that's all that Tyler can say thus far, based on what she knows from creator Damon Lindelof.

"I don't know too much. I don't know if I'll be it it. Damon goes to write and create and brainstorm," says Tyler. "We just trust him and his talent. It's tricky. We all love our characters and love being a part of it."

Tyler is known for her impeccable style, which hasn't been impacted much by her pregnancy.

"On one hand, it's quite fun. It's quite fun to be able to put on a tight black dress and not be sucking it in every second," says Tyler.

Her uniform is simple: "Tights and boots and I have a couple of big black dresses. And coats. It's all about beautiful cashmere coats."

A few of our Belstaff favorites:

Grommet shift dress

Gabardine coat

Pocket vest

Kimble sweater

And here's a look at the gorgeous Liv Tyler.