OnlyOnAOL: 'Broad City' tackles dog hoodies -- and Hillary Clinton

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson On "Broad City"
Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson On "Broad City"


Here's a show that deals with strap-ons, gynecologists who wax and dog hoodies. So little wonder than "Broad City," a series created by Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, resonates so much with viewers. Season three airs Wednesdays on Comedy Central, and the two women stopped by to talk about what's next.

What's ahead on season three of the show: "We're both unchanging and changing. The more things change, the more things stay the same. This season especially we probably grow more than ever before and get more serious. But also, we're sillier," says Glazer.

On homages to classic television in new episodes: "There's a lot of '90s TV and film references this season," says Jacobson.

On whether their characters represent who the women are in real life: "They're just heightened versions," says Jacobson. "We're clearly a lot taller in real life."

On tackling women-centric issues on the show, and constantly being asked about it: "Maybe we ask men the same question," says Glazer. "White dudes, they must be asked about race and stuff. Asking white dudes, what does it feel like to be a white dude right now? Making the most money, the most promotions."

Hillary Clinton guest-stars this season, which is pretty major: "She came in with her team. She was such a boss and a badass. She was a magnetic illuminated person. It was incredible to be around her," says Glazer.