Nike drops Manny Pacquiao following disparaging LGBT comments

Manny Pacquiao Apologizes for Calling Gay People 'Worse Than Animals'

While many people have seen Manny Pacquiao as the hero opposing the villain in Floyd Mayweather for the most part, the fact of the matter is that Pacquiao has made his fair share of questionable comments as well. Recently he put his foot in his mouth again, and because of that he has lost one of the most lucrative endorsements that an athlete can ask for.

Pacquiao recently made comments about the gay and lesbian community in which he compared them to animals — literally. Pacquiao has been known to not support same-sex marriage, but with the way he explained his feelings this time he just took things way too far for some people.

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Well, one of the people who thought he took things too far was Nike, who have terminated their contract with the famed boxer.

Overall, this was the right move by Nike. Despite his views, Pacquiao has to know better than this, especially when he has all of these endorsements. But in losing Nike, Pacquiao has lost probably the biggest one that he has under his belt.

We all focus on the dumb things that Floyd says, but really, Manny is no better in some regard and this is more proof of that.

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