15 actors prove that their lives aren't all glitz and glamour

When you consider the life of an actor, you might think of money, fame and luxury. And while this is probably true for a small percentage of those dedicated to the craft, the life of an actor can actually be really tolling and filled with struggle. However, many actors love what they do so much that the uphill battle is totally worth it once they're on stage or in front of a camera.

Several actors and actresses took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain what really goes on when the curtain closes.

1. Playing around with the idea of identity is peaches and cream when you get that paycheck
Being an actor you get used to rejection. You get use to being someone you

2. Sitting next to a coworker you're not fond of is nothing compared to pretending to be in love with someone you hate
The worst part about being an actor is having to work with people you don

3. Some of your most vulnerable moments might turn into material for an artist

4. You shouldn't judge an actor so quickly just because you've never heard of him or her
People roll their eyes at me every time I tell them I

5. Just because you love acting doesn't mean you love watching yourself act
I love being an actor. But I can

6. Overcoming rejection is just par for the course for an actor

7. There's no commitment to one monotonous life for an actor

8. There's no wrong way to get discovered
I leave my reel up on computers in the Apple Store in hopes that someone will discover me as an actor.

9. Personal limitations often become professional ones for an actor

10. Waiting on the edge of your seat for something that may never come can be very nerve wracking
Being an actor and waiting for a callback for something that might never happen is the absolute worst!

11. Are you really an actor if no one believes your portrayal?
Being an actor is easy, but being believable and being able to make someone feel something; that

12. Once you get cast as a character, it might be hard for fans to separate the real you from the person you play
As an actor I would appreciate it if people stopped acting like I was personally responsible for my characters actions. I didn

13. You need lots of faith in order to fully commit yourself to 'making it' as an actor

14. When the spotlight's on, even the most awkward person might be a gifted performer

15. Separating yourself from the character you become in a script is the key to the craft
As an actress the hardest role that I

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