The one thing you should always bring to the job interview

How to Nail a Job Interview
How to Nail a Job Interview

It's imperative that you show up to any job interview with a great attitude and a smart set of questions for the hiring manager.

But career expert Amanda Augustine says if there's one physical thing you should always bring with you, it's extra copies of your résumé.

"Yes, we'd like to think that every hiring manager or interviewer would walk into the interview room with your résumé in hand, but there are no guarantees," explains Augustine, a career-advice expert and spokesperson for TopRésumé and a career consultant for Amanda Augustine LLC.

Augustine previously told Business Insider that if you happen to know the exact number of people you'll be meeting with, bring at least one copy for each of them, plus a few extra to be safe. "You'll need one for you to reference while you talk, and one copy for each interviewer, just in case they aren't prepared."

She says it's not enough to merely bring extra copies of your résumé, though.

"You have to be prepared to walk people through your work history and tie your experience and education back to the role at hand, calling attention to the qualifications the employer is looking for. When you've done this prep work and you know your résumé front and back, you'll also be able to confidently speak to the value you bring to the table.

"Another bonus: You can always use the back of one of the copies of your résumés to jot down notes and questions that pop up during your discussion."

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