Scary video shows 14-year-old basketball player being impaled by a loose board on the court


A 14-year-old girls basketball player from Wisconsin was impaled by a loose board during a basketball game, according to WISC in Madison.

The incident occurred during a tournament being held at a gym in Middleton. The girl was fighting for a loose ball when she collided with another player and started sliding across the court. When she reached the end line, her momentum quickly stopped as she was impaled by a board that had broken and come loose.

According to a tournament administrator, Perry Hibner, the piece of wood was 3-4 inches long and "a quarter to a half inch deep" in the player's skin. He also describe to the local news how the game official first found out about the injury.

"The official said 'what do you mean, are you hurt?'" Hibner said. "[She responded] 'there is a piece of wood stuck to me.'"

It took paramedics thirty minutes to get the girl free, according to the report. She was taken to a local hospital where surgery revealed that no major organs had been damaged.

You can see the full local news report here:

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