One 'Bachelor' contestant totally embarrassed herself in front of Ben Higgins' parents!

'The Bachelor': Emily Meets the Parents
'The Bachelor': Emily Meets the Parents

On this week's cringe-inducing episode of The Bachelor, Emily got a chance to meet Ben Higgins' parents and let's just say things didn't go super great.

Emily, who you might remember as the one remaining twin (after her sister, Haley, was sent home a few weeks ago), went on a one-on-one date with Ben to his home town in Indiana.

Emily was so excited about the date that she straight-up cried for going on it -- and that was before she found out that she'd be coming face-to-face with her potential future in-laws.

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In an effort to make the best impression possible, Emily got way too nervous and made the absolute worst impression possible, over and over.

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"I love watching movies. So if I could sit down and watch movies all day long that would be my favorite thing in the whole world. ... I don't like vegetables," Emily overshared, before adding, "My lifelong dream is to be an NFL cheerleader."

Needless to say, Ben's parents thought the 21-year-old Las Vegas native was a sweet girl, but just not right for the 27-year-old Bachelor.

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Sadly, it seems Emily walked away from the encounter thinking that everything went really, really well. So when Ben dropped the axe as soon as they got home, it stung.

That's right, she didn't even get sent home by not getting a rose -- Ben just straight-up broke things off. Emily was understandably unhappy about the turn of events, but now she's free to go back to Vegas and try to find someone else to co-date with her sister (because apparently that's just okay with everyone).

However, in all honesty, Emily meeting Ben's parents wasn't any stranger than Ben's one-on-one date with Amanda where he took her on a romantic outing to McDonald's! And we're not talking about some fancy Scotts-Irish dining establishment, either. Nope, the golden arches. Classy, Ben.

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In the end, Emily wasn't the only one sent packing. Ben gave roses to Amanda, Lauren B., Jojo and Caila, meaning Becca (whose main claim to fame on the show is apparently that she's a virgin who also competed for Chris Soules' heart last season) got the boot.

Next week, Ben takes a trip to the girls' home towns where he gets a chance to make a first impression with their families. Hopefully Ben doesn't reveal his life's dream of being an NFL cheerleader with a severe distaste for leafy greens.

The Bachelorairs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT, 7 p.m. CT on ABC.

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