Marco Rubio's 'Morning in America' ad features shots of Vancouver

Oh Canada! Rubio's 'Morning in America' Ad Features Shots of Vancouver
Oh Canada! Rubio's 'Morning in America' Ad Features Shots of Vancouver

It's morning again in America. Or, according to Marco Rubio's latest campaign ad, it's morning again in ... Canada?

The Florida senator's newest campaign ad opens on a boat crossing a peaceful harbor with a striking skyline in the background.


But, it turns out, that picturesque scene might not have been filmed in the U.S. at all.​

A reporter for BuzzFeed conducted a "quick Internet search" and found the shot is tagged ontwo different stock footage sites as "Vancouver." As in Vancouver, Canada.

That same reporter also noted you can spot Vancouver's Harbour Centre Lookout Tower in the skyline. And if you look closely enough, the flag on the boat looks like, you guessed it, a Canadian flag.

Rubio's campaign told BuzzFeed it wasn't aware of the apparent mistake until after the report came out. A spokesperson told the outlet, "We're not going to make Canada an issue in this election."

Of course, Rubio isn't the only candidate who's been plagued by ad problems in recent days. Ted Cruz's campaign pulled one of its commercials last week after it found out one of the actresses had previously starred in adult films.

As for Rubio's ad, it's unclear if his camp will pull the spot.

See Marco Rubio on the campaign trail:

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