Did Shakespeare have an illegitimate son?

Did Shakespeare Have An Illegitimate Son?

Did famed writer William Shakespeare have an illegitimate son?

That is the claim being made in a new biography titled, "Shakespeare's Bastard: The Life of Sir William Davenant."

In the book, author Simon Andrew Stirling argues that Shakespeare was actually the biological father of the man known as his godson, William Davenant.

The truth has been suppressed despite rumors, according to Stirling, because scholars wanted to maintain Shakespeare's virtuous reputation.

As evidence of his assertion regarding paternity, the biographer points out that images of both men show a "droopy left eyebrow."

He also proposes that Shakespeare's Sonnet 126, which references a "lovely boy," was not, as many believe, a poem about a male love interest but an address to a child.

Though Shakespeare had three kids with his wife Anne Hathaway, their marriage was believed by some to have had problems.

Stirling claims Shakespeare met and had an affair with the mother, Jane Davenant, a tavern worker, during his commute to and from London.

William Davenant grew up to be a celebrated poet and playwright and died in 1668.

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