Confident, glamorous, international: The Jenny Packham woman

Jenny Packham fall 2016
Jenny Packham fall 2016

By: Logan Sowa

It will perpetually be one of the collections we look forward to most, each time New York Fashion Week comes around, because there's just nothing quite as glamorous as a Jenny Packham gown. Truly a master of a woman's evening wear needs, Packham never fails to impress with the intricate beading, flowing fabrics and attention to detail.

For fall, Packham introduced a vibrant, colorful palette (a refreshing element we saw throughout this season -- fall wardrobes do not warrant only wearing dark colors) in a collection she's quite excited about.

"I love this collection because I think it's a lot of fun," Packham told us, "We started off wanting it to be really upbeat, sexy and glamorous. That was the mood we wanted -- the music is very lively, it's a real party collection."

When you see the dresses, the embellishments and colors say "party" all over them. One of the coolest moments during the show was the way you could hear some of the gowns or coats as they passed you on the runway, the glittering beading sashaying past. Packham is no stranger to celebrity fans of her collections -- the Duchess of Cambridge, Julianne Hough, America Ferrera and Taylor Swift to name a few -- and we can see each piece of the collection glittering on red carpets all year long.

While you now know to expect these incredible pieces from the Jenny Packham line, you might not know just how much goes into making each one. So what does go into the making of a collection like this? "A little work!" Packham joked.

"With our collection, I always feel it's quite special because we've got about 40 pieces, but each piece is completely individual and they're all different colors -- because really when you're buying an evening wear dress, you're buying one statement piece."

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Each dress, which Packham says sometimes has up to 30 or 40 components, is quite unique and truly a labor of love. "If it's a full beaded dress, it takes about a month to hand bead," Packham said. Though additional help can speed up the process, it's pretty incredible to think of that much time spent with each individual piece. Even the designer herself is dazzled whenever she visits one of the factories -- "In the studio we just draw little dots!" she joked, "But we work with amazingly talented people who make them just beautiful."

So who exactly is the Jenny Packham woman? In Packham's own words: She's confident. She's glamorous. She's international.

Sounds like exactly who we want to be.

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