10 typos that cost more money than you can imagine

10 Typos That Cost Millions of Dollars
10 Typos That Cost Millions of Dollars

Typos happen -- and fortunately, for the vast majority of us the worst problem a typo will cause is a confusing text message or an email that makes you look a little less intelligent. But sometimes a typo can cause a whole lot more trouble, including costing a head of a lot of money.

Check out 10 of the most expensive typos in history:

In 1872, a misplaced comma cost the United States Government $2 million. To put that in perspective, today that comma would be worth over $50 million. The tiny error was made in the US Tariff Act, instead of making tropical 'fruit-plants' exempt from tariffs, the act used the wording 'fruit, plants' -- a rogue comma meant all tropical fruit and plants were free from charge. It took two years for the matter to get fixed.

In 2006, Alitalia Airlines accidentally listed business-class flights from Toronto to Cyprus at $39, instead of $3,900. Two thousand quick-thinking travelers took advantage of the mistake, booking tickets as fast as they could. When the airline tried to cancel the tickets, they suffered a massive backlash from their customers. Ultimately they decided to cut their losses and keep the deal in place for those who'd bought it, but it cost the company somewhere in the region of $7.2 million.

On July 22, 1962 the Mariner 1 space probe exploded shortly after liftoff, in one of the most expensive typo related incidents in history. NASA investigators concluded that the omission of a single hyphen in the guidance software had led to a series of false course correction signals. The rocket was then deliberately detonated to prevent the rocket crashing down in a populated area. Political pressure to get the rocket in space was blamed for the rushed preparations; leading to the typo's presence. The rocket was worth between $80 and $150 million.

Check out the gallery above for all the other expensive mistakes!

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