Watch woman accidentally shave off entire eyebrow in DIY video

From Tattoos to Dentistry: Watch The Craziest DIY Disaster Fails
From Tattoos to Dentistry: Watch The Craziest DIY Disaster Fails

You might think you're saving a buck or two by carrying out beauty treatments or home improvements yourself, but as these DIY videos show, you should probably leave it to the professionals.

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One woman accidentally shaved off an entire eyebrow by performing a DIY exfoliation with razors.

Wendy Lee's slip-up came while she was trying to show viewers how they could carry out beauty treatments at home - so the whole thing was captured on camera.

"Well, this will make all my haters really happy," she said in the home video. "I just shaved off my whole eyebrow doing this."

See images of the epic DIY failures:

Other videos show that people are even going as far as trying to complete their own dentistry, tattoo removal and piercings. Each of these risk serious side effects like infections.

Another video shows a guy trying to cut down a massive tree in his garden - before it falls on his house. Other footage shows a man accidentally kick down his home's gutters while attempting to remove ice from the roof.

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Terry and Jon Wittmaack, hosts of the DIY Network show Brothers On Call, warned people against carrying out DIY projects.

"Some of these videos look like they're in really dangerous situations," Jon said. "These people have to be careful. They could end up in the ER."

He added: "It's going to cost a lot more money to fix it than it would be to do it right the first time."

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