Town helps 3-year-old cancer patient celebrate last day of treatment

Town Helps 3-Year-Old Boy Celebrate Last Cancer Treatment

OKLAHOMA (KFOR) -- A young boy, who nearly lost his life to an aggressive cancer, is now in remission.

Brantley Phillips, 3, has been in and out of the hospital for over a year.

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Friday, his hometown celebrated his last day of treatment with him.

He was escorted in by a line of fire trucks, as about 200 people lined the streets to cheer him on.

"We were expecting like one fire truck. There was like three towns here. Main street full of people," cried his father, Rusty Phillips. "It's a great feeling to come home and know that everybody's fighting it with you."

Brantley was diagnosed in December of 2014 with neuroblastoma.

It is a rare type of cancer that is most often found in young children.

Tumors are caused typically by abnormal cell growth.

At several points, his family thought they might lose Brantley.

"I would lay in bed at night and cry and beg God to give me his cancer and take it from him, take his pain away," said Amanda Phillips, his mother. "We felt people's prayers. I mean, you could physically feel people praying for us."

After six surgeries, weeks of chemo and radiation and other treatments, their prayers had been answered.

"He looks a lot better now than he did a year ago," said Austin Giltner, Wynnewood's assistant fire chief. "He's a tough little dude."

His family said if Brantley keeps his health then, in five years, he could be pronounced cancer free. ​

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