This is how the Internet is celebrating Single Awareness Day

Valentine's Day is over, and that means it's time for those who aren't members of committed relationships to come out from hiding and celebrate what it means to be single. Whether that involves looking for Mr. or Ms. right, reveling in romantic freedom or eating your feelings, everyone has an opinion on what it's like to be single.

Several social media gurus took to Kanvas, the new popular app that allows users to create art, videos and much more, to express how to celebrate the heart-shaped holiday the right way!

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Can I marry my Big Mac?

What's more likely: A mythical fire-breathing dragon, or a stable relationship?

Being single doesn't mean you're alone:

This is like the Christmas carol for Singles Awareness Day:

If you spend all your time on your boy or girlfriend, that will seriously diminish your chances with Prince William:

...what are the odds?

You shouldn't look for the 'perfect' partner, just someone perfectly imperfect:

Taking 'tree-hugger' to a whole new level:

Put the 'I' in single and celebrate yourself today!

Having trouble loving your single self? Maybe it'd be easier in one of these cities:

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