The BAFTAs audience learned about the kiss cam, and Maggie Smith and Leo DiCaprio played along

Leonardo Dicaprio Bags a BAFTA
Leonardo Dicaprio Bags a BAFTA

In a section of the BAFTAs that should be called "Stephen Fry Explains the Kiss Cam for a Solid 30 Seconds," the British audience learned why Americans are so fond of kissing at random sporting events.

"One of the wonderful things that great nation has given the world, along with so many other things: the giant foam fingers, for example. Leaf blowers, creationism, syrup on bacon," Fry described. "But also, the kiss cam — common at basketball games and things like that. I'm sure you've seen it." That was a light introduction, just in case.

In honor of Valentine's Day, the double-hearted kiss cam landed first on Stanley Tucci, a.k.a. Everyone's Boyfriend, and Cuba Gooding Jr., who showed the love. But the most winning kiss cam shot was that of Maggie Smith and Leo DiCaprio. Here is the brief play-by-play (after being played on repeat):

Leo sees the camera before Maggie. Maggie appears shocked as Leo draws her in for a solid cheek smooch. After said cheek smooch, Maggie pulls Leo back in with a real, genuine kiss.

Then Julianne Moore and Bryan Cranston go at it, but no one quite leaves you wanting more like Lady Grantham.

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