'Stop dreaming, start doing': Usain Bolt inspires in new ad

The world's fastest man, Usain Bolt, wants us all to stop dreaming and start doing.

That's if you believe the latest ad campaign from Australian telecommunications company, Optus. The company picked up the Jamaican track star as its brand ambassador in January.

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The inspirational video shows Bolt grow up from a child in Jamaica to the unbeatable athletic star he is today. The vision of the six-time Gold medallist was filmed at his training ground in Kingston, Jamaica and is part of the new campaign by Optus, which also includes a documentary series about Bolt's life.

The first episode, released on Sunday and part of a series called Relentless, features Bolt's father Wellesley, and his Aunt Lilly talking about how energetic and "hyperactive" Bolt was as a child.

"Something is wrong with this young man ... He must have quicksilver in his head," Wellesley Bolt said. "People aren't born with quicksilver ... He was just a guy who liked to do things, and do it fast," Lilly countered.

It could have been a whole different life for the sprinter, Bolt speaks of his conversion from the game of cricket to track and field, after his coach noticed how fast he ran.

"I started out in cricket because my dad was a huge cricket fan," Bolt said. "The transition I made into track and field was because of my cricket coach, I was pretty quick so he told me to try track and field."

The campaign marks six months to the Rio Olympics and is the first campaign Bolt has done with an Australian brand. Optus has previously worked with Ricky Gervais, and has not disappointed with its latest recruit.

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