NYC crowds brave freezing temps to celebrate the Chinese New Year in style


The temperature may have been in the single-digits in New York City on Sunday, February 14 but the streets in Chinatown were heating up as crowds came to ring in the Chinese New Year in style.

The roads were aligned with people who stretched around a one mile radius in Manhattan's Chinatown to get a glimpse of the colorful Chinese New Year Parade.

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"Happy New Year," one cold participant shouted while handing out fortune cookies to the crowd.

And although the cold may have reached their fingertips, it never reached the faces of the parade-goers, who had bright smiles painted on as they rang in the Year of the Monkey.

Freezing temperatures left a dark mark on the weekend. Officials had cancelled Saturday's Central Park Ice Festival due to the frigid lows, but there was no stopping this Chinese New Year Parade, which stood as a testament to their culture.

As dragons weaved through the crowd and dancers sashayed to cultural music, no detail was spared when it came to ringing one of the biggest holidays on the Chinese lunar calendar.

The temperature didn't rise, but the spirit of the crowd did, further proving that the cold was no match for the day's festivities.

Check out more photos from the colorful celebration below!

Chinese New Year Celebrations in London
Chinese New Year Celebrations in London

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